Career Transition Management
& Outplacement

Ensuring Vibrant Careers

Changing jobs is an activity most adults must master. Necessary skills are not developed on the job.
  • We have helped over 1,000 professionals secure new jobs.
  • Our aggressive and collaborative approach saves job hunters time and money.
  • As job search experts we work with company-sponsored and
    private clients.
Leadership Development Coaching

We don’t build heart – we get it engaged.

There is a degree of leadership in all of us – and few can afford to suppress it.

  • We have helped thousands take decisive steps to ensure steady career advancement.
  • We work with a variety of world-class professional development resources.
  • Our services drive and support individual, team, and organization success.
Organization Effectiveness Consulting

Going Beyond Expectations

Companies around the world engage us to improve the united contributions of leaders and managers. We strengthen working relationships – and keep people focused on mutual goals, mutual values, and mutual respect. Our programs have dramatically improved how thousands work alone, with each other, and with those they serve.

As Director for the Middle East & North Africa with Universal Consensus ( Tony assists with the planning and delivery of cross cultural advisory and training programs and services. Tony is certified on the organization's flagship resource, the Business Model of Intercultural Analysis (BMIA™.)

Director for the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Practice
Business Partner & Principal Consultant with Alsari Group
Affiliate of CUSTOMatrix
Member of Professional Coaches, Mentors & Advisors Association
Member of Association of Career Professionals International
Member of U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council
Certified - Center for Creative Leadership
Certified - Lominger
For 25 years, Tony McKeon has contributed directly to the success of thousands of career conscious professionals from all walks of life. His work is all about the success of others. Simply stated, he helps people have great careers.
There are two distinct sides to Matthew Ryan & Associates because there are two distinct sides to employment – getting it … and making the most of it.
Tony works one-on-one with accomplished professionals as they either power their way through career crossroads or power their way through the ever-changing challenges of work in the fast lane. Many of his clients have relied on him as a trusted advisor for many years.
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